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    Professional Coaching

    Perhaps one of our favorite areas of our business..professional coaching!  We are experienced coaches ready to help you move to the next level of life, regardless of where you are starting.  Stuck in a process?  Need help overcoming obstacles?  Need someone to help you set goals and be accountable?  Relationship, parenting or career challenges?  

    Professional Coaching can provide you with the tools you need to reach your goals.  As experienced coaches, we will work to support you in reaching levels you never knew were possible!

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    Corporate Training/Public Speaking

    "If you focus on results, you will never change.  If you focus on change, you will see results."~Jack Dixon

    Change is hard for many, but essential for us to grow as human beings.  Whether you are seeking motivation and training for your corporate team or seeking a speaker that can invoke change in the lives of your audience, Intentional Synergy, as the name suggests, presents relevant and inspiring engagements that promote forward thinking and positive change.  Presentation designed based on your needs and delivered in an engaging and professional format.

    Educational Training/Consulting

    “The biggest mistake of past centuries in teaching has been to treat all children as if they were variants of the same individual, and thus to feel justified in teaching them the same subjects in the same ways.”
    ~  Howard Gardner 

    Are you the director of an organization supporting parents and seeking a speaker or trainer?  Let's craft a presentation to support your audience on their journey!

    Are you a school district facing challenges with instruction, behavior or morale?  Intentional Synergy can craft a presentation to meet the needs of your teams.  We also provide ongoing consultation by experienced educators to support specific needs in instruction and behavior management.  

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