Staff Training

"Christene is always a fabulous trainer."

"Chris put together a presentation that was organized, well-paced, and meaningful."

"Christene is an engaging and entertaining trainer and makes every training I attend interesting.  I always learn something new!"

"Awesome training!  Relatable, clear and relevant!"

"I think this training was quite thorough, both academically and practically.  The theories were surely helpful." 

"Chris is so engaging!  I learned many new strategies today!"

"Awesome instructor!  Great day!"

"Chris is amazing!  I wish many more staff members could receive this training!"


"Intentional Synergy's meditation course changed my life."

"I learned to advocate for my child.  This training allowed me to learn how to support my child and get them the services they need.  I'm so grateful for this course."

"I've finally learned to take back my life.  Thank you!"

Books & Articles

"I always look forward to new installments!  Your blog is so insightful...I even shared it with my boss!"

"It's Your Life, Change It made me realize what a rut I was in and helped me to take steps to create the life I want."

"So insightful!  I love your honesty and raw truths that you put in your writing.  Thank you for being real!"

Coaching Services

"I don't think I would have made it through my freshman year of college without Christene.  She's amazing!"

"I've searched for years for a mentor.  Christene helped me get my business going and provided the mentorship I needed to be successful."

"Dating after divorce is HARD!  But, Chris gets it and helped me through every step.  Today, I'm out and enjoying life and I've never been happier!"