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Blog Posts/Video/Podcast Scripts

Content is KING!  But, putting just anything out into the world is not going to get your company where it needs to be.  Content must be intriguing, consistent and purposeful.  I supply blog posts to enable you to publish quality content while focusing on the operation and building of your company.  Video content and blogs are the newest, best way to reach your clients.  But, unscripted and random content will not cut it.  Your clients want to see you, the face of the company, make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

Bio/Profile Development

You may be the greatest in your field, but if your bio doesn't catch a client or prospective employer/employee's eye, you're out of the game.

Your LinkedIn, Facebook business page or Alignable profile speak for you before you even say a word.

This critical step can be the difference between a phone ringing or, not....

Web Content/SEO

Your website needs to be found in search engines.  Bottom line.  I will analyze your website, rewrite your web content and update SEO.

Remember that what you place out in the web tells people about you and your company before you even have the chance to meet them.  

Make sure your content and SEO maximize your opportunity to connect with your potential clients.

Social Media Management

 Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest, oh my!  

To market your company using social media, you must actually hold a presence on social media.  That means posting meaningful content consistently.  Who has that kind of time?  It can be quite overwhelming for business owners.

Do you know the best time to post?

Do you know how to get your posts seen?

Do you know the best types of posts to be noticed?

Do you know how to reach your target market on each platform?

Is your current marketing plan on social media getting you the results you need?  What's your ROI?

If you answered no to any of these questions, call me...I can help!

Sales Funnels/Sales Letters/Emails

Quite possibly one of the most powerful tools online, the online sales funnel.

What does your sales funnel say about you?

Are you losing people in the process?

Are you converting prospects to clients?

Is your funnel a smooth one?  

From the number of clicks to the number of form fields, your funnel, and its ease, can be the difference between an acquaintance and a relationship.  

Process/Procedural Documentation

Documenting processes with accuracy and creating a flow that can be followed, by someone not familiar with the field or role, takes skill.

Documentation of process allows for operational consistency, increases functionality and improves accuracy.

Update procedural manuals, technical guides, how-to handbooks and employee handbooks to provide your employees and clients with documentation that provides ease of use with clear, focused language.