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"Nothing was the way I had planned.  This boy turned my world upside down.  He made me question everything, including my faith.  I was angry.  I was bitter.  But, not at him.  No, I was angry at God.  I could no longer trust the scripture that I had once lived by.  But the miracle of my story, my message, is that this boy and my journey also led me right back to God and I found  incredible strength through my faith in Jesus.  One moment changed everything.  This is the message that I want to share with you.  A message that pain and anger are temporary.  A message that even in our darkest times, God does not leave us.  He is there, sending messages of love and hope, even when we can’t receive them.  And when we are ready, God is there, with open arms waiting for us to shine a light and be a beacon for others."


Speaking Engagements


Christene’s message is personal, yet relatable to so many.  It’s an inspiring message of transformation from anger to love.  It’s one of hope and victory and, above all,  is meant to inspire others to see the storm and know that, with steadfast faith, they can weather whatever comes their way.  

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No engagement too big or small and no distance too great.   This message needs to be heard by all.

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