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What do your online reviews tell potential clients?


What is review management? 

We are living during a very interesting time in marketing.  Word of mouth is still important, but reviews online are where the money is!  

Here's a test...go to your favorite browser.  Search your industry.  If you are a chiropractor, search local chiropractor, if you are a realtor, search local realtor, etc.  See what companies come up in the search.  Now, pay close attention to the reviews of each company.

Now put yourself in the shoes of the consumer.  Which company are you going to call?  At this point, to me, you're all equal.  All I have is your location and what others think of you.  So, as the consumer, I'm probably going to call the company with the best reviews.

Consumers care about the quantity of reviews, the rating and even the comments.  

Review management services can increase the quantity of reviews, increase the quantity of positive reviews and enable you to address the negative reviews personally.  

This is a one of the BEST opportunities for you to show an accurate depiction of your company in online review platforms.  

For a free analysis of your online review presence across platforms, contact me and I'll be happy to provide you with this analysis.