The job you do is incredibly important to the communities you serve.  And, probably the most difficult job around.  You chose your profession to serve others, yet you face experiences every day that you are not prepared for.  The population of adults with disabilities continues to grow.  There are 57 million adults in the US with disabilities...that's roughly 19 percent of the US population.  As an experienced special education teacher and special education administrator, addressing the unique needs of children and adults with disabilities is a challenge.  And, I have had years and years of experience in this area.  

I am on a mission to better prepare public service professionals, around the country, in approaching, addressing and supporting adults and children with disabilities.  As a parent of a child with severe disabilities, I know first hand, the challenges you will face.  I also live with the fear that he will be misunderstood.  

I believe that through training and education, we can better prepare our public service professionals to react and respond to crisis situations with our children and adults with disabilities. 

Contact me to discuss customizing a training for your community.  Police, fire, EMT, hospital staff, all are welcome.  

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Education/Special Education

Whether you are a parent group seeking advocacy skills training, 

 a school district seeking professional development for your staff or a church seeking training to create a more inclusive environment, Christene has a training to meet your needs.  All trainings are customized and created based on your unique needs.

Christene works with educational facilities worldwide to provide expert training in the areas of inclusion, behavior/behavior management, team building, managing challenging behavior, special education. autism, dyslexia and learning disabilities.  We are skilled at presenting with the aid of interpreters (outside of the US) and work with large or small groups.

Although we are happy to customize training for your staff, here are some topics that we train on frequently:


-Data collection to drive decisions in behavior management

-Behavior management

-FBA/BIP for the general education/special education teacher


-Deescalating challenging behaviors

-Role of Program Assistants/Teachers Aides

-Understanding dyslexia and how to help students who struggle

-Special education 101


-Building relationships with kids

-Working through challenging situations with parents

-Building trauma sensitive classrooms

Team Building

Is your group or organization in need of some motivation and energy?  You've come to the right place.  Regardless of your niche, Christene can craft a presentation to get your group excited about their potential and forward momentum!

Most frequent trainings include:

-Interpersonal communication skills

-Deescalation of challenging situations

-Creating a culture of winners

-Everyone is an eagle (helping others see their strengths and potential)

-Cultural sensitivity